About Us




March 2017


Beverly & Davie Burgdorf


110 Bacon Ave. Williamsburg, VA

Favorite Quote:

“Art is what you can get away with”-- Andy Warhol

The sweet & lowdown

Juxtaposition began as an outgrowth of Colonial Folk Art Studio and Gallery. In 2017, we decided that the studio and the gallery both needed more room to flourish. And as luck would have it, the other half of our building became available in January 2018.

An so it begins. Our boys helped take down the partition seperating sealing the area between the spaces and ... BOOM ... we expanded.

So why the rebranding? Simple. We evolved into more than a small ecclectic gallery and studio into a gallery needing more room to be funky and a studio begging for more space. As for the name, its more complicated. Think in terms of balance and wanting see art and gifts in a different perspective ... especially a pespective gained by having them next to each other.

Our art and gifts offer a fun glympse into who we are. Our kids often say our house is a gallery -- a gallery offering a contrast between traditional art and outsider art. That's the same thing you find in Juxtaposition, a juxtaposition of art styles. Pick and choose your favorite(s). Give them to friends or put them in the perfect place in your office or home.

See you in the gallery!

Our future plans

Keep finding new artists and artwork

Continue to survive and thrive in our little corner of Williamsburg

1. An act or instance of placing close together or side-by-side, especially for comparison or contrast.

2. The greatest place in Williamsburg for finding art and gifts.